Rock Your Body BodyRock Workout + Bonus Butt & Back Sculpt Cool Down.

Hi Bodyrockers, If Abs are made in the kitchen, then dreams - whether they are for career, family or fitness, are made (or unmade) in your thoughts. If you are someone who BodyRocks the daily 12 minutes, eats super healthy and clean, but then plays the same negative self talk in a loop everyday you are doing yourself a grave disservice. True fitness is a fusion of a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. Being a BodyRocker is about being kind to yourself so that you can be the best version of you possible in all the other roles you play - mother, friend, parent, partner. Changing the thoughts you tell yourself can be a challenge. My mother took Sean and I to task on this when we were very young. Each morning before we woke for school she would open our bedroom door and slip in her "ghetto blaster." While we still slept she would pump in tapes of positive affirmations - most of the time blended into what only can be described as the worst elevator music you have ever heard. Some days we woke up to Anthony Robins telling us that we had "Unlimited Power" to accomplish our dreams in life. From Wayne Dyer to Staurt Wilde, Mom aquatinted Sean and I with all of the "New Age" gurus - anyone that would gush positivity at us. We moaned and groaned, threw pillows and hid under the blankets. At first it felt like torture. Mom kept at it. Eventually we started to listen, and somewhere along the way we started to internalize those "can do" messages. Mom's shot gun approached to positivity worked :) Whatever way you decide to shift your thoughts towards positive, supporting patterns,  just please remember that this is just as important (if not more so) than the workouts and diet. BodyRocking brings all 3 together - body, mind and spirit - so get over giving yourself a hard time and start loving you as much as the rest of us do :) Best, Freddy BodyRock Original Workout: [wobreakdown] Set youre interval timer for 12 Rounds of 50/10. You will complete the following exercises 3 x through. Modify the following exercises as needed for your fitness level as shown by Lisa in the video on the site. No matter what level you are starting at remember to work as hard as you can and keep going until you hear the beep!! 1) Press-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump x2 & 10 x Straight Punches – Using the pink Sandbag 2) Press-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump x2 & 10 x Hook Punches – Using the pink Sandbag 3) Press-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump x2 & 2 x Straight Punches + 2 x Hook Punches – Using the pink Sandbag 4) 2 x Mid Abs + 2 x Bag Touch Abs – Using the pink Sandbag Bonus Butt Workout: Set your interval timer for 3 Minutes and complete as many reps of the following exercise as you possibly can. 1) 2 x Switch Lunge & 1 x Prisoner Squat Jump (Stay Low) Bonus - Weighted Workout: Complete the following exercises below. Ideally you should be doing either between 8-10 repetitions or 10-15 repetitions. Make sure you don’t compromise your form for repetitions. 1) Bentover Row & Deadlift - Left & Right Alternative Legs – Using the pink Sandbag 2) Shoulder Press & Twist  – Using the pink Sandbag 3) Lunge Lawnmower Start-Ups - Left Side - 5kg Power Weight 4) Lunge Lawnmower Start-Ups - Right Side - 5kg Power Weight 5) Round the World - (This is a killer) - 4kg Power Weight i. Today’s Diet Challenge: Today's Diet Challenge is on how to eat 5 times a day & can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here This Weeks Programme looks like this: Click Here to download the timetable. . Facebook: Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with advice on diet & supplements to support your training. We will be posting pictures of some of our meals and daily trips out & about on our Facebook pages to give you guys a running idea about what we are eating a long with other tips and little pep talks so please “like” BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here for daily inspiration & motivation :))! For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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