Rock Your Six-Pack All Year Around

We spend so many hours working towards a big wall/project, planning, fretting, and thinking. Once we get to where we want to be, most people typically let it go. They will check the task off the list and move on to the next. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to abs. Many of us have the dieting down, we see the abs start to form and many of us take pictures of our progress. However, some people will do it all again for another year, some only in the summertime, or some just let it slide and go backwards again. It can’t be fun to do it that way, right? The Internet is jam-packed with many blogs and articles that try to deter you from your abs. The articles may make you second-guess your abs when they ask you if it’s even worth that and when they try to break down the costs. Don’t be scared of those articles you come across online. If you want abs, you can get your abs. Ashley Hoffman, a pro-fitness model is someone who isn’t here to judge why you want your abs. She of all people know firsthand that is quite possible to maintain a toned stomach all year round. She also wants people to feel confident that they can maintain their body that they work so hard on. Would you like to know how she does it? Her tips are below! six-pack Tip One - Lighten Up Try not to worry so much about your abs. You may have expected to hear something completely opposite, which is why you need to hear it. There are two different kinds of six-packs. The first kind is where you deprive and slave yourself to the point where you just want to give up. The second kind is where every so often you look in the mirror and you get surprised, and you say “Hello, abs!” - You know your hard work has paid off. Tip Two - Don’t Forget Your Snacks Some people may try to tell you that when you maintain your visible abs, it will mean that you’re hungry all the time. That is actually far from the truth. Snacks are your greatest ally and hunger is actually your enemy. You can keep your hunger at bay by eating every 3 to 4 hours, as well as maximizing your protein synthesis, which is how your body will build muscle throughout the day. Try keeping a protein bar or even a scoop of protein in a Ziploc baggie, along with some almonds in the car for a healthy snack. It is crucial to have a healthy snack within your reach at all times. Tip Three – Bulking Up Everyone has those days when they get home late or they are just not in the mood to cook. It could be easy to grab something unhealthy for dinner, but if you had stuff prepared that you could reheat, it is much easier on you. Always remember to cook in bulk and if you can, freeze in bulk as well. Tip Four - Speaking Up Let’s face it – we all like to have restaurant food once in a while. We may be scared to go out to eat with the family because we feel that all those calories and carbs are going to collect on our midsection. Thanks to low-carb, Paleo, and gluten-free eaters, we can now ask for salads instead of fries or burgers without buns. Even servers are thinking that this request is less weird than they used to because it is so common now. Many restaurants will be happy to cook something the way you want if you ask. If you would rather have grilled chicken instead of fried, just ask. This doesn’t work at every restaurant, but it’s worth it to ask. It could save you a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Tip Five – Packing Up Airports are now even offering a healthy snack option. However, there is a catch (who would have guessed, right?) The treats will actually come at a cost that you may not want to pay for. For example a bag of kale chips for just one person is around $9. A big travel tip is to plan ahead. If your plane ride is going to be more than two hours, bring a snack with you. You could even bring a packet of peanut butter to put on rice cakes or you could even bring beef jerky. Be sure to also stay hydrated on the plane. Being dehydrated could cause a big appetite. Tip Six – Ordering Up What can’t you find on the Internet now, right? This Internet age actually allows you to order fitness-oriented services. For example, there are some cities that have companies who will prepare meals and you can order them without ever having to go into a store. One of the sites that offer this is They have a line called B-Elite Fuel Meals and they can be shipped right to your door.   Managing Those Abs When you make things harder than they need to be, it’s less likely that you’ll follow through with it. Always be on the lookout for ways that will make your life easier with eating healthy and staying physically active. Forget about those insane ab workouts and crash diets. Once you focus on what you can do and what is easy for you, you will see a major difference and you will be able to keep the shape of your stomach all year around.  

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