Rocking Sexy Legs

We’ve been working so hard on legs and we should enjoy the results! So many squats for sexy tights,  strengthening those calf muscles, and it’s time to let them show! But still, I know some of you guys don’t feel very comfortable  with  your legs and body in general yet,  so here are two great ideas to show it off in the best way possible! shorts and tights bodyrock -Tights with High Waisted Shorts: this is a sexy and simple combination every girl can wear. The High waisted shorts will make your waist slimmer and if you chose one with the “Hot Pants” cut –that, by the way, is so In right now –you’ll get a great shape to your hips! The Stockings are great for those of you who want to show a little less skin, and they will also help out a lot to shape those legs: for thin legs, chose some tights that have horizontal lines, and for  more muscled legs, you can pick stockings with vertical lines, for instance. And also, you can find both the shorts and the tights to buy online, like at Romwe and Chicwish, two of my favorite stores!   Lita Boots inspirations odyrock -Lita Boots: trust me when I say these are comfortable! You may look at these boots and go like “they are sooo high”, but they look awesome with pants, leggings, shorts, you pick!!! And the thing about them is that they have a platform on the front, so you don’t really feel they are hard to walk on or even that high! And we all know that heels are a great choice to show off the calf muscles and to pop the butt (just look at the first photo of the post of my legs -the heels have just the same style as the Litas, so here you go ;)) Xoxo

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