Ronda Rousey Doesn't Just Win In The Octagon, She Wins In Life

Ronda Rousey dominates the UFC Women's Bantam Weight division. She is reigning champion and was recently named Fighter Of The Year at the ESPY awards. She is gritty, she is determined, she is honest. She has broken out in a male dominated scene. When walking into a fight she thinks about how much she deserves the win. "I've worked harder than any of these girls possibly could in their entire lives and I've sacrificed more than they ever could," she said. Although a knee jerk reaction may be to see her attitude as arrogant, Rousey sees it differently. "Why is self confidence arrogant? Why is self-depreciation considered modesty? I worked my a-- off to be able to have a high opinion of myself," Rousey said. "It took a long time and many, many years, and I'm never going to tell -- let anyone tell me that I should think less of myself." Although she is a bear in the ring, she says her life outside of it is much different. "There's no cuddlier, happier, little snugglebug than me right after I beat somebody up," Rousey said. "And I'm not this callous, hard, impervious superwoman, you know. I'm a girl who fights. And some days I'm a fighter, and some days I just feel like a little girl." Rousey may be on top now but she is no stranger to adversity. When she was just 8 year old, her father committed suicide. "It really drilled into my head that everything is fleeting. And, yeah, I'm undefeated and the best in the world and all these great things are going on, but I could lose it at any second," she said. She's also been driven by her own 'failures.' In 2008, Rousey became the first U.S. woman to medal at the Olympics in Judo. But she won the bronze and that made her miserable. "I really felt like all of my efforts were a waste, because what did it really do for me? If you're sitting with an Olympic medal in the backseat of your car and that's where you're sleeping tonight it really makes you think about if you did the right thing or not," she said. She was homeless and working as a bartender in Los Angeles. Now, with all of that behind her, her main focus is fighting. "I don't enjoy inflicting pain on people at all, but I enjoy being in a high-pressure, high-stakes situation and having an opportunity to be brilliant," she said. Rousey is living proof that if you are determined to succeed, and work to do so, you will succeed. Sometimes even beyond anything you could have ever imagined. This video shows Ronda Rousey's dominant win from a whole new perspective! Check it out: I think I've found myself a new hero! What do you think? Confidence worth emulating or arrogance that is best to ignore? Source: Daily Mail snapchat code



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