Ronda Rousey Effect and Why Strong ISN'T The New Sexy

Ronda Rousey is creating an awful lot of conversation these days! And rightfully so. She's worked hard to remain at the top of her sport. She's a fierce competitor and is unapologetic about it. People are doing a lot of talking about, not just her performance in the ring, but her UFC promotional video where she explains to everyone that she is not a "do nothing bitch" or "DNB." Have a look here: Almost right away, the video went viral with the tags #DNB and #strongisthenewskinny cropping up all over the place. Great sentiment? Yes. Missing the point? Mostly. A lot of the time, these tags are accompanied by photos of women (and sometimes men) posing in sexually provocative ways, doing absolutely nothing. Rousey trains for countless hours and adheres to a very strict diet regimen before a fight. Everything she does and every muscle in her body is tuned to be the best fighter she can be. She isn't muscular and lean because it is sexy. Strong isn't something you can qualify for in physical appearance. It isn't so much that strong is the new skinny or the new sexy as much as our definition of sexy is shifting. It has shifted from thin women being a sexualized ideal to women who are more muscular filling the role. Besides, being muscular doesn't necessarily make you strong just as lacking definition doesn't mean you aren't strong. Think of champion weightlifters. They are strong as hell but are far from chiselled. ronda rousey It is important to remember that fitness isn't about how you look, it is about what you do. If your fitness routine leaves you looking 'better,' that is just a bonus. Fitness comes from the inside and you can't always see it. If you want to train yourself to aesthetically fit a cultural ideal, that is fine. But sometimes it isn't nearly as fulfilling emotionally or physically as training yourself to a purpose. Train for a half marathon, train to lift more, train to achieve something. Making it all about how you look will seldom make you happy. Strength is a very sexy quality -- be it emotional, psychological or physical. But it isn't a quality that can be linked to vanity. It is something internal, something you cannot always tell by looking at someone. There is nothing wrong with trying to look lean and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with wanting to bulk up for the same reason. If you want to use Ronda Rousey as a role model, have at it. She's a wonderful role model in so many ways. But don't mistake her purpose, don't mistake her physique as one carved out simply to look good. She works very hard to be a peak performer. Don't undermine that effort. And don't undermine your own ACTUAL strength by attaching it to your appearance. You deserve more than that. What do you think? Are Rousey's words being twisted by vain people just looking to post a sexy selfiie? Source: Arkitect Fitness Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_103522" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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