Ronda Rousey Gets Honest About Being A S*x Symbol! (Pics)

Ronda's name is on every tabloid magazine cover, at the top of every newsfeed trending topic and is on everyone's mind these days. The UFC champion has a notoriously dirty mouth and a no-holds-barred attitude about feminist issues. The 28-year-old recently got raw and real about her sex symbol status in an interview with Sports Illustrated. ronda rousey bikini "My roommate Marina (Shafir) just made these amazing Paleo brownies and I just took some down. So I really don’t feel like a swimsuit sex symbol right now. I feel like someone who’s full of a brownie that has zucchini in it but is somehow still delicious." Ronda commented. In the issue, Ronda bares her amazingly athletic body in a hot swimsuit that does very little to hide her assets. When asked if she would consider becoming a full time model, the stunner revealed that taking photos is a lot more work than she originally anticipated. "I did an all-day shoot yesterday and my knee is swollen. I know it’s not as glamorous as easy as it appears from afar, and I love having the opportunity to dabble in it. But I think doing it full time would be pretty difficult." she explained. celebrity fitness diet Ronda has many other career opportunities besides modelling. Along with fighting, Ronda is starring in some heavyweight movie titles in the coming year. If she doesn't consider herself a sex symbol by now, just wait! strong athletic women What are your thoughts on Ronda's hot new shoot? Is she an inspiration to you? Source: Sports Illustrated Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_109821" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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