Ronda Rousey's Post-Fight Face Finally Comes to the Surface

Just two weeks ago, one of the biggest upsets in sports history happened. Despite the hype that surrounded Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey, Holly Holm conquered the undefeated bantamweight champion in UFC 193 in front of over 55,000 people in Melbourne, Australia. And not just mildly. The 34-year-old knocked Rousey out cold just 59 seconds into the second round. The world was shocked. Rousey was devastated. Ever since the fight took place, Rousey has kept an extremely low profile, returning to the United States with a hidden face as she made her way out of LAX. The paparazzi wouldn't be getting the best of her, too. UFC president Dana White has announced that Rousey even had to undergo plastic surgery after the big loss due to a split lip. And on top of that , she is currently on a mandatory six-month medical suspension. [bctt tweet="Ronda Rousey's Post-Fight Face Finally Comes to the Surface"] But on Friday, Rousey's mother, AnnMaria DeMars, took to Instagram to post a photo of their entire family, the fighter included with her brand new face. Ronda Rousey sports brand new face in recent photo with family. Sporting a smile, it seems that her spirits were high. Let's hope we continue to see more of the UFC star! What did you think of the UFC 193 fight? Did you expect to see a photo so soon of Rousey looking happy and content?
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