The Rules for Working Out When You're Sick

Feeling under the weather, but your body is craving some exercise? Fearing you stress our your system if you even try to workout? We have outlined how to know when it's safe to exercise when you're sick, and when you should really just stay in bed. Getting moving when you're not feeling so hot is a good way to help your immune system out. If you're suffering from light, somewhat annoying symptoms, then giving your body a light workout will kick start it's infection fighting forces. Exercising When Sick Is OK When:
  • You have sinus pressure
  • You have a runny or stuffy nose
  • You have an ear ache
  • Your throat is sore
  • You're sneezing
Staying in bed and resting is the best way to ward off more intense symptoms. While your immune system appreciates the gesture, just let it do it's work with these issues. Exercising When Sick Is NOT OK When: 
  • You're vomiting
  • You have wheezing, chest tightness or coughing
  • You have a fever
  • You have severe muscle aches
  • You have diarrhea
Scaling down the intensity of your normal workout when you're feeling even a little icky will help your body recuperate. Pushing yourself too hard will only aggravate the infection you're experiencing. Keep in mind that germs are spread easily at the gym, through sneezing, coughing and the touching of equipment. Staying at home and finding an alternative to your gym routine will benefit you and everyone else. What gentle workout routine do you like to do when you're sick? Does working out help you to feel better? Let us know!    

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