Why We Love That Rumer Willis Won "Dancing With The Stars"

Rumer Willis and professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy have been crowned the latest champs of "Dancing With The Stars." And here is why you should care: Rumer Willis was bullied growing up. She was told she was ugly. She wasn't told this in some private way, she was branded. By the media. She was called out for it, publically, by internet trolls. She was shamed. Rumer Willis has a beautiful A-list celebrity mother. She grew up believing she could never measure up to Demi Moore. She would never be pretty enough or thin enough. How horrible it must feel to grow up feeling like you will never be able to step out of your famous parents' shade. Rumer Willis rose above all of that. She tried anyway. She put herself out there and she succeeded. She didn't succeed because she changed but she succeeded because she stayed true to herself. She ignored it all and she kept going. Rumer-willis-booty-dancing-with-stars I know there are some of you out there rolling your eyes and thinking "she's the child of celebrities, who cares? She's got money and privilege. So what if she was bullied." rumer-willis-lg-04-1 Being the child of rich celebrity parents is just that. You have access to money. You have access to celebrities but it certainly doesn't automatically give you character or protect you from cruel people. The fact that Rumer Willis rose above painful bullying and constant comparisons to her famous parents and succeed in her own way, in her own right is why you should care. She demonstrated strength, bravery and character in way that is accessible to each of us in our own lives. You don't need money to rise above your past or where you are right now. How many of us don't participate because we fear what others will think, what others will say? How many of us that have been shamed hide ourselves away instead of just getting out there and giving it a shot anyway? Rumer Willis demonstrated the courage to try. That is a good example for us all. That is why you should care.

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