Running: 3 Vital Tips For Beginners

The most popular form of exercise to date is running. It whips your body in shape, sheds weight and keeps your muscles and joints functioning beautifully. But it can be hard to take those first few steps and get started. To get that widely talked about 'runners high', follow these three essential tips. tips for runners 1. Use your breath to find your pace Proper pacing relies on factors of distance, fitness level and genetics. It can be a tough code to crack to get your proper pacing in place. Many runners go too hard and burn themselves out too quickly. "The idea is to finish each run wanting to do a little bit more or go a little bit faster. It makes it easier to get out there the next time, because you feel like there's more to accomplish." explains  Carl Leivers, a running coach in Atlanta. As a newcomer, you should start off with three, 20-minute runs or speed walks a week. Aim to run more and walk less, and try to up your straight running time by five minutes each week. Employ what's known as the talk test. Run at a pace where you can have a normal conversation with someone. If you get too out of breathe, this means you're going too fast. As your fitness level increases, so will your speed. 2. Don't run every day.  A consistant routine is essential to maintaining your athleticism, but you need time to rest and recover your muscles, joints and ligaments to prevent injury. "There is a delicate balance, and you have to find the formula that works for you." says Jennifer Gill, M.P.H. She recommends running three times a week to start and upping it as you go, but always allowing a break day. Adding in walks and bike rides can help ease you into your new running routine. "The key to improving as a runner long-term is to be consistent and stay injury-free." says Leivers. 3. Don't go too long.  Running a mile sounds pretty intense, but how does running for 15 minutes sound? They are practically the same thing. Our mentalities towards running can be changed by looking at our goals as less daunting and more doable. If you're new to running, choosing a distance and duration that meets your fitness level is vital. To take more pressure off you, finding a sweet spot is just as effective as increasing your running time and distance. If you can run five miles total in a week, you will burn crazy calories and maintain your body weight and athleticism. You can also increase the challenge of a run with new terrain instead of upping the distance or your speed. Or try injecting intervals, like sprinting for two minutes in the middle of your run before returning to your regular pace. Follow our suggestions and let us know your results! What tips do you have for new runners? Source: Women's Health  

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