Running Tip #1: Increasing Your Speed for Race Day

Runners as a whole have an ultimate plan in place for their upcoming races.  The main goal in the training is either to finish the race, increase their speed for the race, or PR (personal record) in their race. One of the best ways to increase your speed in a race is with pace training also known as intervals.  Intervals teach your body to run fast and essentially raise your anabolic threshold. There are many ways to do intervals when you run.  Below are some examples that you can incorporate into your routine to help you increase your speed for the next race.
  1. Quarters: Running quarters can be done by running several measured 400 meter runs with 200 meter slow runs in between.  A typical runner may do six quarters one day.  They would run 400 meters at an anaerobic pace (typically your 5K pace)  followed by 200 meters slow to recover.
  2. Fast paced intervals: This includes your 100, 200, and 300 meter sprints.  A typical runner may do 12 super-200’s on a training day.  This would mean running 200 meters as fast as you can and either slow jogging or walking for 200 meters in between.  You should only be able to speak single words at this pace.
  3. Tempo Runs: This type of training is speed based endurance. A typical tempo training session would consist of a runner staying at a fast pace for 15 to 20 minutes.  You should be on the edge of switching to an anaerobic state, but not entirely.  You should be able to speak at this pace but not carry on a full conversation.
Incorporate these speed tips into your training no more than two times a week for best results.  Any more than that and the gains are negligible.


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