Running Tip #2: The Long Run

One of the best tools that a runner can utilize is the long run.  This is the run that helps build the endurance you need to go the distance.  So, what exactly is a long run?  Simply put, it is the longest run you do for that particular week.  It also depends on the race you are training for.  If you are training for a 5K your longest run may only be 6 miles.  However, if you are in full marathon training then your run can be anywhere from 15-22 miles. You should only do a long run once weekly and follow up that run with days of either rest or cross-training.  It takes a few days to recover from longer runs and they are more taxing on your body than your daily training runs. Long runs are also best when done with a friend.  This will help you determine your pace as you should be able to carry on a conversation during this run. Incorporated into your weekly training routine, the long run can help prepare you for the distance runs and help build overall endurance to increase your speed on your shorter runs. Typical Training Split for distance: trainingsplit  

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