Running In Wet Jeans Is Sexy When You're Scott Eastwood (Pictures)

29 year old Scott Eastwood (son of Clint Eastwood), hit the beaches of Hawaii to show the ads for Davidoff Cool Water cologne and looks fabulous! Eastwood attributes his physique to clean eating and a well-balanced workout routine. The star of Suicide Squad told New York Magazine that it is important to be 'dynamic' in your workout. “So not just going to the gym, and doing bicep or chest day. It’s functional training for everyday life, for an active person on muscle confusion and different types of integrated muscular workouts with cardio. But I like to swim, do yoga, jujitsu is great, and switch them up all the time," he says. He isn't perfect though, and admits to pigging out once in a while. His go to cheat snack? Chips and salsa. Check out these pics. Eastwood makes this look good enough to be trend worthy (however impractical!).  

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