Russian Daredevils Climb Shanghai Tower and Make You Watch

Whether you're scared of heights, or a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, prepare to vicariously live through these two Russian daredevils. Vadim Makhorov, and Vitaly Raskalov both strap Go-Pro’s to their heads, and proceed to scale their way up the unfinished Shanghai Tower in China. Not for the faint of heart but check these guys out! Once they got to the crane I pretty much had to keep pausing or look away. These guys are nuts. I kept thinking how the hell they were going to get back down? I guess the way they came up, with a ton of upper body strength, preference, and a clear lack of fear. You can check out these two guys climbing other stuff at their Youtube channel. If you want to see the good stuff, skip ahead to 2:52

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