Are Sad Movies Making You Gain Weight?

There is definitely some weird masochistic reason we love bawling our eyes out watching sad movies. Seeing Noah kiss Allie in the rain when he told her he wrote her every day for a year in The Notebook, the epic journey of letters in PS I love You, or Pixar's UP? They leave us a mess, yet somehow uplifted. Sad yet uplifted you might feel, however one thing you probably won’t feel is hunger.  JAMA Internal Medicine has unfortunately shown us that we are more likely to reach for the popcorn than the tissues. Sigh. The study authors compare it to a type of emotional eating. So, we suggest you skip the concession stand at the theatre or chop up some veggies prior to your tear-jerker-of-a-movie-marathon and ditch the popcorn, if it's a home movie kind of night. If you MUST have your popcorn, try eating it with your non-dominant hand. Another study showed that people who tried this trick ate about 30 percent less than when they used their dominant hand. Crazy!

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