How Safe Are IUDs? We Investigate!

Gynos have long recommended these little plastic devices as a highly effective and safe form of birth control. The T-shaped Intrauterine Device can be simply inserted and will protect you for 5 to 10 years from unwanted pregnancy. Some IUDs use hormones, while some use copper to protect you. IUD It's easier than remembering to take a pill, easier than getting an injection and is much more of a no-brainer than condoms. So what's the risk with IUDs? We answer your burning questions about the "easiest" form of birth control. "Can An IUD Get Lodged In You?" birth control IUD Under 1% of women reported having their IUD get stuck. Among those women, even fewer reported the IUD causing pain or even noticing it was stuck at all. It was only when it was time to remove the device that doctors noticed it was slightly stuck, and had to perform a small, routine procedure to extract it. "Can An IUD Fall Out?" Under 10% of women reported having their device fall out. Sometimes the body does not take kindly to strange objects inside of it and will force the device out, but it is rare to have happen. "Can An IUD Cause Infection?" IUDs cannot cause or worsen an infection. But if you have active pelvic inflammatory disease, it is recommended you get treatment before choosing to have an IUD inserted. "Can An IUD Stop Your Period?" After several months, it is common for a woman using an IUD to notice her period lighten or disappear all together. Have you used an IUD and would you recommend it? What is your preferred birth control method? Share in the comments!     Do you follow us on Instagram?
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