Salad Bar Without The Price Hike

As I’ve stated many times, my main reason for wanting to be rich is because of my Whole Foods addiction. I may not be any closer to being fabulously wealthy, but I can eat at the Whole Foods salad bar without breaking the bank – as long as I’m smart about it. Here are five tips so that you too can take advantage of the salad bar – without the price hike.
  1. Pick light items – and I don’t mean light health wise, I mean actually physically lacking in mass. For example, sub in raisins instead of grapes, they’re basically the same thing, but without the water weight. Add in edamame, it’s one of the lightest ways to consume protein, especially compared to a heavy hard boiled egg. Walnuts are one of the lightest nuts, and nuts in general are lighter than chickpeas. A creamy dressing will be heavier than olive oil and balsamic vinegar (not to mention more fatty).
  2. Use a smaller container – you don’t need a large container, the smaller containers hold a surprising amount of food, and you will most likely end up eating less than you would otherwise, but more than enough to fill you up.
  3. Plan ahead – I like to do a loop of the salad bar at least once before putting anything in my container. This way you end up with exactly what you want instead of a random assortment of whatever caught your eye on your first g-round.
  4. Forbidden fruit – fruit’s heavy. It just is. If you really want fruit in your salad then buy a small pre-packaged fruit salad, or get an apple or avocado and chop it up with a plastic knife.
  5. Size matters – always go for shredded or thinly sliced veggies rather than chunks. It will be lighter, and easier to spread the flavour out among the entire salad.
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