Salma Hayek Admits To Being Nervous While Posing Topless For Allure

The 48 year old, Salma Hayek, looks stunning in the pages of the August issue of Allure.  "I got to work with the wonderful Patrick Demarchelier, and he always tries to do the minimum clothes possible," Hayek explained, "I kept my pants on though." salma Hayek considers the final product to be "very nice" and says that it "doesn't look vulgar." Not in the least. Incredibly tasteful, in my opinion. Despite being one of the most beautiful women going, Hayek admits to feeling some shyness and nerves during the shoot. "I was very nervous and I think I looked very uncomfortable at the beginning," she said, "I mean, you can't see anything. Don't get excited!" Of her looks she says, "When I was young, they tried to sell me on the idea [of Botox]: 'If you do it now, then you won't get the wrinkles.' And thank God I didn't do that." Hayek hits the nail on the head when she says, "I think we change, and that's part of the beauty of being a woman. We get to be our own canvas every day when you wake up." Amen. When it comes to the way you look, do whatever you want. The canvas is yours, the expression is yours. Own your age, own your space. Be beautiful the way YOU define beautiful. I think Hayek is one brilliant and classy lady. Wouldn't you agree? Source: PEOPLE Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat snapcode  

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