Satisfy Your Hunger With These Super Low Calorie Foods (Infographic)

One of the things people complain about most when "going on a diet" is being hungry. There is this idea out there that if you want to lose weight or eat healthy, you have to starve!

This is simply not the case! First of all, you should never go on a "diet." When we say diet we are talking about a way of eating, and fuelling your body, not a way of restricting. When you go on restriction diets, you may end up depriving yourself of important (and essential) nutrients. Besides, when you cut out entire food groups it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain that restriction over the long term. If you've drastically reduced carbs, for example, you will likely slip up at someone point and before you know it, you are back where you started!

The best way achieve results is to consume, fresh, whole, REAL food. No low-cal, fat-free, packaged "diet" foods but actual food! When you open yourself up to this way of thinking, you'll be amazed by all the foods you can eat! Below is a list of more than enough healthy foods to get you going. Pick and choose from these categories and you can build an entire meal without going over your calorie budget! Take a look and then get cooking!

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