Save a Bird, Stuff a Squash

We know we should be thankful year-round for all the things that make our lives great. Maybe it's a vacation you got to take. Maybe it's a promotion at work. Or maybe it's simply quiet moments with family and friends. This year, I'm thankful for fresh, seasonal fall foods. It's chestnut season, apple season, and pumpkin season all at once! And let's not forget the abundance of squashes. Try something new this season. Instead of the usual acorn or butternut squash, try spaghetti or sunburst. Or try your hand at using pumpkin for eating instead of carving. Better yet, instead of getting weighed down by bread soaked in turkey fat (aka "stuffing"), try stuffing a squash with fall legumes and veggies for a healthy alternative. There's nothing like blending the flavours of fall into one awesome dish to impress the family. Here are some great ideas for stuffed squash that will have mom asking you for the recipe: imageSouthwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash The Comfort of Cooking's spaghetti squash recipe combines hot and bell peppers, spices, beans, corn, cilantro and cheese for a savoury southwest flavour.     imageRice and Ricotta Stuffed Butternut Squash In this recipe from, the rice, curry and mango chutney makes for a spicy change from your regular sugar and butter recipe.     imageQuinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash Quinoa, walnut, kale. This stuffed acorn squash from is packed with vitamins.     imageTwice-Baked Mushroom-Stuffed Butternut Squash The parmesan and mushroom in this recipe make it reminiscent of a creamy pasta - and just as rich.   image Roasted Acorn Squash With Wild Rice and Pistachio Stuffing This recipe from A Couple Cooks is creative and visually appealing. The kale, feta, pistachios and rice would make a great salad on their own, but stuffing them in acorn squash makes them that much better.       Featured image from  

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