Save Water: A Shower Curtain That Limits Your Time

Being mindful not to overuse things is an important trait to have; however, let's face it: most of us like to indulge in things that feel good, including a soothing, hot shower. But with excessive water use being a huge environmental issue as states like California suffer from serious droughts, it's important to put into practice these mindful techniques to ensure we keep up with the times. So where do we start? Textile-based installation artist and educator Elisabeth Buecher came up with an unusual but effective tool: a shower curtain that limits your time to 4 minutes. The shower works by inflating into colorful "spikes" once you reach your time limit. Talk about a shocker to your shower time! The curtain's spikes consume the space of the shower, both reminding you that you're 4 minutes have been reached as well as making it impossible to move about and continue on. Buecher refers to her invention as a "green warrior," and says the idea to create such an out-of-the-box concept came about because she wanted to bring  the environmental issue of excessive water consumption to a forefront. These series of curtains aren't necessarily meant for marketing, however. The point of the project is to inform others that overuse of water is a problem, and that the critical environmental issues surrounding it are very real. It's an artistic way to bring about a topic that needs constant discussion, and a way to provoke other discussions regarding environmental issues as a whole. We should all attempt to save water! How long is your typical shower? Could you cut it off at 4 minutes? Source: Hello Giggles Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_102052" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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