Say Hello to the New App that Tracks Your Alcohol Intake!

Want to know how many calories you've consumed this weekend? Now, there's an app to track just that. It is called Drinkaware and it is a 100% free app that features a huge database of the most popular alcoholic beverages from around the world. It doesn't only track the amount of alcohol consumed, but it relates it to a food equivalent to help you reconsider-not to mention the total amount of minutes you will need to spend working out to burn it all off. 0 According to the site, here are some calculated examples: Drinking three 4.5 per cent ciders while enjoying the sunshine
  • equals an overall calorie intake of 648 - that's 25 per cent of a man's daily allowance, and 32 per cent of a woman's
  • is the equivalent of eating two whole burgers
  • will involve a 65-minute run to burn off the calories
Two medium (175ml) glasses of 13.5 per cent Rose wine
  • is 4.8 units - exceeding the recommended two to three units a day for women, and three to four daily units for a man
  • is the equivalent of eating one whole burger
  • combined with the burger you're likely to enjoy at a barbecue, it takes your calories intake to 760 - that's 38 per cent of a woman's daily allowance, and 30 per cent of a man's
Two pints of 4.0 per cent beer
  • is the equivalent of eating one whole burger at a barbecue would take you 36 minutes to burn off in the gym
  • combined with your favourite barbecued food, it takes your total calorie intake to 770 (and that's a plain burger, no cheese topping)
But it isn't just a way to simply track your alcohol calories, it tracks your drinking pattern over time and influences you to cut back-resulting in better health and less chance for unwanted weight gain. 0 Did you know that a glass of wine can have the same calories as four cookies? How about a pint of lager – surprised to hear it’s often the calorific equivalent of a slice of pizza? It is crazy to break it down in regards to food. Forget the alcohol, I want to eat my calories! Click here for free diet and fitness plans.

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