The Science Behind Why Weight Has Nothing To Do With Attractiveness

In 2015, it seems plus sized girls are just coming into their own in the mainstream media as being "beautiful" by society's warped standards. It's taken years for models like Tess Holiday to break down the walls of the fashion industry and display her larger framed beauty. Instagram has yet to deem "curvy" an acceptable search term. We haven't come very far yet.   There is also a stigma that still remains attached to larger ladies when it comes to dating. Advertisements from the fifties used to tout how gaining weight will help improve your confidence and serve as a love-life miracle. But the tables have turned and curvy girls are now told that losing weight will make them more attractive to a partner. The truth is that science has dispelled the myth that weight has anything to do with attraction level. The pillars of what makes someone attracted to you are based on your personality (hello cliche, but it's a fact), your kindness, your level of intellect and, well, your fertile smell. There is no proof anywhere that says weight, body shape or even looks can play a major role in finding a connection with someone. In fact, it's proven that people will find your obsession with your weight far less attractive than the number on the scale. Confidence is truly all that matters. What are your thoughts on this issue? Source: Vice  

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