Science Explains Why You Are Attracted to Narcissistic Jerks

We all know a woman who does it, perhaps it is you, a woman who can't seem to stop herself from dating narcissists. These guys are hurtful and not right for her but she can't stop. Carrie Haslam and Tamara Montrose of Hartpury College in England tried to find answers to this riddle of why this happens by conducting research in regards to relationships, marriage and narcissistic men. The study drew data from 146 British women between the ages of 18-28. The study found that even women who had dated narcissists in the past, never really learned their lesson and continued to date those types of men. Stranger still, the more relationship experience the woman had, the more she found herself attracted to narcissists. Women who were interested in marriage were most attracted to narcissistic men. Narcissistic men exude self confidence and power and when women are looking for a suitable mate, those qualities are incredibly desirable. Unfortunately, it is all smoke and mirrors. Narcissistic men are more likely to be unfaithful and unsupportive. Basically, narcissists are more like to be out and out jerks. It is hard to deny your heart when you really really want something but maybe it is time to take a second look at the more shy, quiet type. He's probably right in front of you but you missed him in the shadow cast by your narcissist crush. Are you attracted to narcissists? Tell us why you can't break free.    

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