Science Proves Fat Doesn't Make You Fat

Alright Bodyrockers, it's time to put the myth to rest that foods containing fat make you gain weight. Researchers have known for a while that no/low - fat foods aren’t necessarily the healthier option than full-fat. In fact, no and low-fat versions come with their own issues. Often the lack of taste, is made up with large amounts of sugar. That being said, calories tend to end up being the be all to end all for dieters, so most of us are tempted to reach for the zero percent over full-fat versions. Alas, scientists are discovering that these swaps may actually encourage you to gain weight. Researchers found that people who ate more dairy products—including full-fat cheese and whole milk—didn’t actually see a difference on the scale. However, when participants increased their intake of just low-fat dairy products, they had a tendency to consume more carbs (and not the good kind). These foods are not only caloric, but can also cause your blood sugar to rise, ultimately leading to weight gain. So why do low-fat foods make you crave carbs? Fat satiates hunger. Without a proper amount of GOOD fats in your diet, your body craves more calories to reach that full feeling. So go ahead! Enjoy the full fat options when you want them (within moderation of course!) For ideas on how to work healthy fats into your diet, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan!

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