Science Says It Might Be Time to Replace Your Morning Coffee With a Glass of Orange Juice

Many find that fighting their fatigue is best met with a cup of coffee, but there is new evidence that says you ought to switch it out with a glass of orange juice instead. A popular breakfast drink among many, research has discovered that orange juice can boost alertness, concentration and reaction times with the effect lasting for hours, especially if consumed in the morning.  

Researchers at Reading University had 24 young men undergo a series of mental tests on two different days, one in which they had a glass of orange juice before they were put through their tests, while the other day they consumed a sugary water that resembled orange juice. It was the former day in which their speed and attention proved better. The European Journal of Nutrition reports that even six hours later, they still seemed just as alert.

A possibility for these results could be due to the effects flavonoids, the health-boosting plant chemicals found in a many fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits like oranges which may help to improve the function of blow flow to the brain, as well as ease the passage of information between brain cells. Do you drink orange juice at breakfast regularly? Source: Daily Mail

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