Science Says There Are 3 General Body Types. Which One Are You?

Somatotypes. The world might not sound so inviting, but more like something thrown about in a science class. But when it comes to your health, you'll want to listen up. This term is more commonly referred to as 'body types,' which depends on the distribution of your fat and muscle. There are three general physiques that fall under this term. They are called: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. The history of somatotypes dates back to the 1940s. Psychologist Dr. William Sheldon created the names seen above in regards to the layers of embryo tissue (ecto-, meso- and endoderm) which form into parts of the human body. Dr. Sheldon originally created a connection between body type and temperament. He thought, perhaps people who were skinny tended to be artistic and introverted, for instance. But, he was never able to prove that theory to be true. Which one do you have? Find out more about the three types below: Ectomorphs People with this body type have delicate frames that do not carry much excess fat. They are known to have lean muscles and long limbs, and are likely to be slender. They have a high metabolism, which means they are hungry quite often, so it's important they pick nutritional food options. A celebrity example of this body type would be "Twiggy," Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton and Courtney Cox. The best exercise for this body type would be walking lunges or squats to build muscle and keep the legs toned. Mesomorphs People with this body type are known to have a muscular build with a medium frame. They are typically referred to as looking "athletic," meaning they have a solid torso and shoulders but a narrower waist. For this body type, bulking up is easy, both muscle and fat wise. However, they can also lose fat just as easily. As they get older, regular cardio and weight training will keep them in shape. Celebrity examples of this body type are Michelle Obama, Madonna and Jillian Michaels. The best exercise is yoga. Endomorphs This body type is known to be feminine and soft, with a rounder frame that can gain both fat as well as muscle easily. People with this body type might have a slower metabolism. Celebrity examples would be Christina Hendricks, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Hudson. The best exercise would be Pilates to work the lats, legs and glutes, which tend to be bigger on this body type.

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