Science Shows Gymnastics Is The Hardest Sport In The World!

By far,  one of the most exciting topics I can talk about is... drum roll please.. GYMNASTICS! With an absolutely amazing and rewarding 11 year gymnastics career, I can't help but get overly giddy when even hinting at  the sport.

Who didn't get excited to see the Fierce Five flipping and twisting all over the Summer Olympics this past year?! Gymnastics taught me more than just how to do the splits or flip across a 4" wide beam with no hands.  This sport pushes you both mentally and physically. It challenges your limits and pushes you even beyond your own expectations. Not only do gymnast learn dedication, determination and self discipline, but they learn the beauty of loyalty and camaraderie.

Countless sprained ankles, 3 major back injuries, torn rotator cuff and a broken hand.. I'm considered one of the lucky ones. I can't even count how many of my teammates have rods in their foot or torn meniscus or ACLs. Even with all the punishments of climbing the rope or pushups until your arms give out.. I wouldn't trade that part of my life for anything in the world.

Now pushing 29, I still feel connected to the sport and am happy to say that I am still shocked at what my body can do. Competing in fitness competitions has allowed me to dig up that old muscle memory and still flip around in a way too tight costume flipping my fingers and pointing my toes. Now the next day I may feel like I just got ran over by the bus.. but that's besides the point :)

BUT, Science has proven that Gymnastics is the most difficult sport in the world!

Here are the facts!

  • Balance

  • Rotation

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Nine times Body Weight Strength

  • Proprioception and Kinesthetic Awareness

  • Skill and Routine Timing to Six Thousandths of a Second

  • Short Distance Sprint Speed of 16+ (20+ for men) Miles per Hour

  • Tumbling and Vault Heights of 13+ (16+ for men) Feet High

  • 900 Degrees of Rotation and 360 Degrees (1080 Degrees now being done) of Twisting in Less Than One Second

Something I believe we could all agree on, but now we have the facts to prove it!

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This is a famous quote that has been manipulating players on the ground for many years. See, the writer was high, therefore, he couldn’t feel the hardness of today’s sports. Well, how do you consider whether or not a sport is tough? Though there are several parameters to measure the popularity of any sport, but to evaluate the endurance and physical strength needed for a sport, no source of measurement is here.
I personally have met some sports junkies, knew nothing but pretended to be ‘Mike Tyson’ of Football. Anyways, let them continue with their so-called ‘Sports Psychology’ because they don’t have any idea about the importance of Endurance, Flexibility, Speed, Muscle Strength, and Mental Health in any sport. In order to disintegrate the misconception of Sport psychology, we are enlisting the top 10 popular, but toughest sports around the world.

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