Science Reveals The One Thing That Will Make You Look Hot Anywhere

The Latin root of the word "nice" meant foolish or stupid. Although it doesn't mean that today, perhaps that contributes to why we feel flattered but also vaguely insulted when someone says 'you're so nice.' Or maybe it is all the conversations you start with 'He's a really nice guy, but...' Thanks to science, you can wear your "nice" label with pride. Research published in Personality and Individual Differences found that people are more likely to think you are attractive if you appear to be a good (ie nice) person. RRQCiHxogZyA6FQH5q752sHdwrtZsEBeGIl0jpPjvs8 The researches divided 120 participants -- half male, half female -- into three groups having them rate 60 strangers on their attractiveness. The ratings for all three groups were largely similar. Two weeks later, the participants rated the same faces only this time they were given positive, negative or no personality information before turning in the scores. This time through, the people described as "kind" or "decent" rated as more attractive than the people given negative or no personality attributes. The researches concluded that personality can affect how attractive we think someone is. So, next time you're on a dinner date and the person doesn't quite rank for you in the looks department and you're eyes are looking for the exit, give them another chance. Try a change in venue. Find something that will let their personality shine and I bet you start singing a different tune. What do you think? Does nice get your motor running?

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