The Scientific Reason Behind Why We Crave Make-Up Sex

After a heated argument with your partner, there is something about having hot and intense make-up sex that supercharges our arousal. What is it about make-up sex, in particular, which causes such a flood of passion? It all comes down to hormones. A raw and emotional argument releases endorphins and dopamine to combat the pain and hurt we are feeling. These two combine together and create a strong sexual desire within us. This lustful combination can be one of the reasons we crave, and become addicted to the need for, make-up sex. This can be dangerous. Just like any addiction, we can become dependant on the rush of these hormones and it can do damage to our relationship with our partner. Relationships which develop a pattern of constant fighting and making up are not healthy as they present an imbalance. If your relationship consists of constant fighting, seeking counselling is a good first step to bettering things for your partner and yourself. Another reason for developing a lust for make-up sex could be the body's natural response to fighting with someone we love. A fight can leave us torn apart from our partner, and sex is a way to restore closeness, love and peace. Share your thoughts on love, relationships, sex and fighting!

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