Scientists Come Up With the Ultimate Workout Playlist

Sport Scientists at the Brunel University have teamed up with the music streamer, Spotify, to see if they can help in a small way to help keep those New Year’s resolutions going.  There were over 6.7 million workout playlists to create the absolute best soundtrack for your workout. The tracks were analyzed by both their popularity as well as music that is scientifically proven to make you work harder because of their bpm, style, and lyrical content.  The soundtrack features Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Macklemore, and Eminiem among others.  Business Insider featured the playlist along with the BPM and what sort of exercise is proper for the song. 1. Roar - Katy Perry - 92 BMP (Mental preparation) 2. Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz - 100 BMP (Stretching) 3. Skip To The Good Bit - Rizzle Kicks - 105 BMP (Stretching) 4. Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft Pharrel Williams - 116 (Aerobic/Warm up) 5. Move - Little Mix - 120 BPM (Aerobic/Warm up) 6. Need U 100% - Duke Dumont ft A*M*E - 124 BMP (Cardio training, low intensity) 7. You Make Me - Avicii - 125 BPM (Cardio training, low intensity) 8. Feel My Rhythm - Viralites - 128 BPM (Cardio training, moderate intensity) 9. Timber - Pitbull ft Ke$ha - 130 BPM (Cardio training, moderate intensity) 10. Applause - Lady Gaga - 140 BPM (Cardio training, high intensity) 11. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - 147 (Cardio training, very high intensity) 12. Happy - Pharrell Williams - 160 BMP (Cardio training, very high intensity) 13. The Monster - Eminem ft Rihanna - 110 (Stength training) 14. Love Me Again - John Newman - 126 (Strength training) 15. Get Down - Groove Armada ft Stush and Red Rat - 127 BPM (Strength training) 16. #thatPOWER - ft Justin Bieber - 128 BRPM (Strength training) There is absolutely nothing better than finding the perfect workout playlist and nothing worse than trying to skip through Pandora to find a good song to run to.  Well here you go, it’s all been done!!! Enjoy! Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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