Scream Workout - Brutal Fat Killer in Real Time!

Hi BodyRockers, For you newbies, (what should we call new BodyRockers btw?) we are slamming you guys with some pretty intense workouts. The most important thing we can tell you is that you have to make BodyRocking work for you. If 12 minutes is too much then knock it down to 8 or 6 or even 4. Everyone has a starting point and you will make huge improvements quickly. If Lisa or Sean is doing 12 reps, then do 6. We always try and take the time to include easier modifications. We keep our videos short so you can get the essence of the workout and learn ways to make the exercises work for your fitness level. Jot down those modifications and equipment free alternatives. Don't fall into the trap of throwing your hands up in the air or dismissing the power of BodyRocking just because you have to make small modifications here and there. These are your workouts - make them yours! Best, Freddy Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 4 minutes with a 30 second break!  That's right BodyRockers you are working for 4 minutes straight no rest!! BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:
Workout Break Down: 1)  10 Reps Squat jumps wide and close Sandbag 2) 10 Drunk Chickens 3) 10 Jump Tucks 4) 10 Sandbag Touchdowns with Side PushUps 5 Per Side Sandbag Hey guys Sean here!  Some people are finding the workout breakdown a little confusing.  This workout you are setting your timer for 4 minutes of work time with a 30 second break.  Your first break isn't until you have worked for 4 minutes straight.  You are setting your interval timers for 3 rounds 4:00/30.  This workout is a a 12 minute workout.  You start with 10 Squat Jumps wide and close when you complete that you move onto 10 Drunk Chickens, 10 Jump Tucks, and finally 10 Sandbag Touchdowns 5 per side.  Get through these 4 exercises as many times as possible.  When the 4 minutes is up take your 30 second break.  Pick up where you left off for rounds 2 and 3and cycle through these same 4 exercises as many times as possible.  I hope this helps! The guys at Ultimate Sandbag are giving us 10% off the Sandbag The discount code is "body rock"

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