Sculpt Sexy Legs by Spring Break

On a normal week I train legs twice.  One being a muscle building workout (you can see it here) and the other being a plyometric workout.  Given that spring break is just around the corner, I thought I would introduce you to a great plyometric workout that will increase lean muscle mass and sculpt sexy legs in time for the beach! For the plyo workout you will want to warm up your legs doing some jumping jacks or light jogging in place before you begin.  Do the following exercises at 10 reps 4 times through resting 1 minute between each set. Combine this leg day with a low intensity muscle building day and you will see results in no time! Exercise 1: Jump Squat jump squat Exercise 2: Jump Lunge jump lunge Exercise 3: Mountain Climber mountain climber Exercise 4: Lateral Bench Jump lateral bench jump Exercise 5: Burpee burpee

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