The Secret to Constant Motivation (Is Not Having Motivation At All)

"The ambitious among us still find ourselves searching for motivation; we want the trick to getting back up quickly after we are knocked down."

This quote exemplifies a very key part of being human, our search for motivation. It is in our nature to want that bolt of lightning, that surge of inspiration and drive that will propel us forward against all odds. But is the bolt of lightning what we need to stay committed? Or could a simple flicker of light be enough to keep us going?

Think of it this way. It's January 2nd and you've just come out of your holiday induced food and alcohol hangover. A 2 week long binge of cocktails and Christmas sweaters, honey hams and mash potatoes, eggnog and lots and lots of wine. It's no surprise you feel heavy, out of shape and lethargic. So you take that gift card your cousin gave you for spinning classes and you give it everything you've got for the next week and a half. But as the sun sets on day 10, your motivation withers and you skip a day. What's 1 day? But then you skip 2 more. And eventually you never show your face in spinning class again.


This is the lightning bolt effect. It kicks us in the butt for a little while, but the flame burns out pretty fast. It's because that surge of power is unrealistic and unsustainable. What we need to stay motivated is small doses of light that remind us the importance of sticking to something.


Let's stop calling it "motivation" and start calling it "purpose". Purpose is a lifestyle. Having purpose in everything we do is far more sustainable then trying to find motivation to do something. When we live with purpose, we accept failure as something that will not make or break us. We do not fixate on one goal and become discouraged if it's not achieved by a certain date. We reward our progress and learn about ourselves, our capabilities and our souls.


In the midst of defeat, are you hunting for your next source of inspiration or resting in the truth that you are more than a collection of your mistakes?


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