The Secret To Long Summer Hair Is In Your Spaghetti? How Carbs Help Hair Grow

Sometimes I feel like most of my day is spent avoiding eating things like pizza and pasta. So this news came as a surprise, and a brilliant excuse to indulge. Well, possibly. While it is a fact that hair does need carbohydrates to grow longer, stronger and more lustrous, it may not be the carbs found in bread and noodles that your body needs. Forget simple carbs and get more complex! While simple carbs are sugars found in mainly processed foods, white pasta, white bread and cakes, complex carbs are located in whole grain breads and pastas. Complex carbs are what provide your hair nutrition which prevents shedding and breakage. They get much needed proteins to your hair cells to give them strength and supercharge their growth. This works better than any shampoo or treatment because it targets your hair from the inside. A lack of complex carbs can harm the natural growth of your hair and even lead to damage. So fill up on oat bran, sweet potatoes, lentils, muesli, brown rice and whole wheat spaghetti for your fix of complex carbs! And for hydrated and shiny hair, eat omega-3 rich foods like salmon and avocados. What are your secrets to healthy, long summer hair? Share them with us!    

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