Are You Secretly Sabotaging You Love Life Without Knowing It?

Dating can be difficult, exhausting and awkward at times. But as it wears you down a little, you may develop subconscious cues that can be read loud and clear by the dude you're seeing. Here are 3 biggies that may be sabotaging your dating future without you even realizing it! #1 You think you don't have a type, but you really do.  You can always find a subtle trait in your exes. Maybe it's minimal, like the same eye colour, similar heights or the same sense of humour. Maybe it's glaring, like the same career, the same facial features and the same fashion sense. Everyone has a type or two, even if it's hard to see at first. Figure out your type, and try breaking completely out of the mould! Always date indie rock guys? Go for a fitness buff! Like the dare devil type? Try a quieter book lover. #2 You're comparing new dudes with past dudes.  Holding the new guys your dating up to a microscope and comparing them to the standard set by your last relationship is totally detrimental. You'll never have a repeat relationship, and why would you want to? Each person who enters your life brings new joy, love, passion and memories with them. Embrace them! #3 You're constantly negging Negging is a term which means insulting someone, but in a disguised conversational way. You may think you're joking around, being sarcastically funny. But you may not realize that too many "playful" jabs or insults can actually turn a guy off. Brush up on your conversational skills and blend a little more creative content into your mix of cheap jabs. What are some dating mistakes you've made in the past? We want to hear from you!

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