Selena Causes a Stir With Booty Baring Short Shorts!

Hot weather has us stripping off the layers and making fashion statements in our desperate efforts to keep cool! One of the hottest trends right now are high waisted denim shorts, those ass-cheek baring bottoms that sometimes are best suited for music festivals only. But Selena Gomez isn't afraid to get cheeky. Spotted wearing teeny tiny shredded up denim cut offs on the hot streets of LA, the singer also sported flannel, adorable ankle booties and big aviator shades. She completed the look with a casual leather jacket slung over her shoulder and a metallic necklace. selena gomez fashion summer   Wowza! From behind you can definitely see her derriere in this shot! selena gomez sexy The star has been making headlines for not caring what others have to say about her body! After coming under recent criticisms by fans about her figure (we honestly can't imagine what they could possibly have to say after seeing these snaps) she doesn't mind flaunting what she's got for the paps. She can't be shamed and she can't be tamed! selena gomez hot summer style Tell us what you think of Selena's daring look! Are you a fan of high waisted short shorts? Share your thoughts with us, we wanna know!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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