qtips When I get out of the shower, the first thing I do is grab 2 Q-tips and clean the outside, then the inside of my ears.  I have always cleaned my ears. I can remember my mom sticking Q-tips in my ears when I was young.  I really, really like that clean-ear feeling. If I miss a cleaning, my ears itch like crazy! I jab my finger in my ear and shake it like a crazy person! It reminds me of how my dog takes his long leg and kicks himself in the side of the head to itch his ear. Not only do my ears itch all day, but I obsess about it, and as soon as I get home, I head for the Q-tips. I began to wonder, could I be addicted to Q-tips? I assume you can be addicted to almost anything. As always, I went to my trusted friend - Google and typed in "Q-tip addiction". What did I find? I'm not alone! Many people are addicted to the oh-so-satisfying ear massage of the Q-tip. Did you know that some people even lick the cotton before inserting?  That's a self-induced wet willie! Reading on, I found countless scary warnings about busted ear drums, wax impacted in the ear, ear infections, cotton stuck in the ear, and even Q-tips stuck in the ear! You would think that after reading all of these horror stories, I would stop shoving Q-tips in my ears.  But no. The amazing feeling of sticking that tiny piece of cotton down my ear outweighs its potentially dangerous consequences. Then I realized, this is how I tend to look at life sometimes. I make decisions based on what feels good, and what I want NOW. Immediate gratification. This unproductive mindset has caused me problems in my past. Now, that I have a new outlook on fitness and health, I try to be kind to the "future me". How will this food affect my future health? How will this workout/exercise change my future body? Do you do things without thinking about the future or about the consequences? If your answer is yes to this you may need to rethink your decision-making process. Think about your life down the road, and make choices that your "future you" would appreciate Cheers Friends!     letsroll

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