Selfie Crazed

Social media is plagued by the selfie craze, but a recent daily mail article suggests that you may be literally crazed if you constantly take and post too many selfies. Apparently two thirds of BDD patients (body dismorphic disorder) take photos of themselves obsessively, according to Dr David Veale, a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive behaviour therapy. Preoccupation with perceived flaws is a common symptom of BDD, and trying to find the exact right pose which will hide these small flaws, unnoticeable to anyone but the person suffering from BDD, results in a lot of selfies. selfie crazed3 Another researcher has found that selfie addiction could indicate a lack of self-confidence in young people, as developing minds use selfies to seek attention. Veale maintains that selfie obsession is a symptom of BDD, much like checking your flaws in the mirror, but one doctor in Thailand believes that the increased number of people taking selfies could result in mental health problems. Whether it is due to, or the cause of mental illness, or just a case of widespread narcissism, the selfie craze is, well, pretty crazy. selfie crazed2    

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