Selfie Psychopaths: Why You Shouldn't Date Selfie Snapping Guys

The occasional memory-capturing front facing camera shot is reasonable, but those guys who take a daily gym pic and post it on Insta...well they're another story. Research has proven men who snap above average amounts of selfies have above average amounts of psychopathic tendencies. Here's the rundown of why you should never date a dude who posts more face shots than you do!
  • His Selfies = Self-Centered Behaviour 
seliffe Selfies are the ultimate self absorbed, narcissistic habit. If he's looking at himself more than he's looking at you, it's a red flag!
  • He's Social Media Obsessed
jax If his self confidence is measured by how many people have hearted his photo in the past 10 seconds, he's got a social media obsession. He should be able to talk about himself, and other people, without making constant reference to their Facebook pages.
  • He Lives Through the Lens
selfie He's more concerned with capturing the moment on camera than experiencing it with you. This hurts your connection, or prevents you from even making one in the first place. You will not be able to keep any private moments private without him Snapchatting your life! Ever dated a selfie psychopath? Share your stories with us!    

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