Are Selfies the Beginning of the End?

The internet is inundated with selfies. Everyone from your next-door neighbor to the Kardashians, to the President of The United States are taking selfies. We even saw one taken at the Oscars. Some people are saying that the selfie is the beginning of the end. That selfies mark the slippery slope that culture is headed down. But is this true? [gallery columns="1" ids="|"] Selfies are most often taken by women. Prior to them, women (in media) were usually at the mercy of a white male photographer with his own version of how she should look. Usually this took the form of poses that turned her into a sexual object and little more. This is now embedded into our culture. It is the norm. Woman as object. This cultural norm of being the object versus the subject also created a culture that tells women not to be boastful or brag... it's not ladylike. This a bragging blackout affects our ability to earn money. When it comes time to ask for a raise, a lot of women are simply unable to clearly and cogently state why they deserve to be given a raise. Most of the time we rely on our boss to hopefully have seen all our good work and pay us accordingly. Rarely does this happen. Bosses are too busy doing their own work to see everything that you've done. So, in comes the selfie. The little photo that says so much. Rarely do we post photos of things we don't like. By turning the lens on ourselves, we are unabashedly stating "I like this." We are saying that we are happy with who we are and what we look like. That we don't need the approval of anyone but ourselves and that we will shout our approval across the internet for all to see. So, while a lot of selfies may still strongly resemble traditional photos in which women are mere objects, they are slowly growing into the new feminism where we brag about our accomplishments, our strengths. And despite other's trying to tell us not to brag... I think we really do need to brag. It's about time we did. [gallery columns="2" ids="|"]

Do you selfie? Post your best selfie in the comments below and brag about your accomplishments.

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