Selfies Can Lead to Suicide and Psychiatric Disorders

Dr. David Veal, a Psychiatrist, claimed that two out of three patients who see him typically have body this Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which has increase ever since camera phones came about. These individuals have a compulsion to take pictures over and over again and then post their selfies on a social media site, such as Facebook. It is actually possible that taking selfies causes suicide, narcissism, addiction, and mental illness. Numerous psychologists warn parents to pay attention to their kids when they are doing any online activities because of this.   A British teenager had tried to commit suicide because he didn’t take perfect selfies. He became obsessed with taking that perfect shot, and he would spend up to 10 hours each day taking photos. His obsession led to taking 200 selfies each day. Bowman is 19 years old, dropped out of high school, and lost 30 pounds due to his obsession. He never wanted to leave the house for six months because he was trying to capture the right photo. He then began to take 10 pictures right when he woke up in the morning. Because he kept failing at his attempts of getting that perfect image, he tried to take his own life, but thankfully he was saved by his mother. Bowman is UK’s first addict when it comes to selfies. He has received therapy to treat his OCD, Body Dysphormic Disorder, as well as his technology addiction. This therapy was in London and he had to have his iPhone taken away for 10 minutes at a time, then it led to 30 minutes, and finally an hour at a time. In the UK, public health officials stated that addiction with social media, such as Twitter and Facebook result in 100 patients getting treatment each year.   Do you know someone who is addicted to taking selfies? Source:  

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