Why Being Selfish In The Bedroom Makes You Selfish In A Relationship

Sex is never a one-way street, and no one should never have to undergo the laborious experience of a selfish lover. A sex partner who is only interested in getting themselves off should be someone you kick to the curb. But what happens if you try to overlook this giant misdemeanour, and continue in a relationship with them? We have all made this mistake at one point or another. There has always been that one guy or girl we are so in-lust with that we choose to put our needs on the back burner. This can only signify exactly how the relationship is going to go. We sacrifice our happiness and pleasure for this person, and they continue to put themselves above all else. The selfish lover may put on a front for a while of being a good boyfriend or girlfriend, but from the moment you hit the sheets, this person have been a big red flag. What exactly qualifies as bedroom-selfishness? Well, anything that makes your sexual experiences imbalanced. If you want foreplay and they bypass it every time, that is a clue. If they don't try to give you an orgasm, or (possibly worse) give up while trying, give them the boot. And obviously, if they get off and leave you with nothing, leave them. Do you agree? Has this ever happened to you? Source: Elite Daily  

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