Serena Williams Has No Time For Haters

Serena Williams is a boss. Having just won her 6th Wimbledon title, she's on top of the world - and trolls have been trying to pull her down. She's been told she's built like a man. Some even went so far as to comment on her natural brows. Nothing is off limits, I guess. Well, Williams posted a video on Instagram that shows her having her brows shaped. She cleverly captioned the photo: “Lol finally getting them shaped! Hahahha #haters I love you!!! hahah but I still like them all natural! But for now you win lol.” serenaw Hilarious. Williams is clearly not bothered one bit by any of this hype, nor should she. The woman owns tennis. What do you think? Is Williams giving into the haters or firing back with utter coolness? Source: Bustle  

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