Set Things Right - From A Different Perspective

Each one of us have hindrances and difficulties that will shake our confidence.  The truth of the matter is that every problem has an answer waiting to be discovered so we need not despair but seek wisdom to discover the answer. There is absolutely no reason to throw in the towel when we hit a brick wall.  All the things that have happened, are happening, and could happen in my life how bad is this?  Is it something that will impact the rest of my life?  Is it temporary?  No matter how bleak circumstances may seem wouldn't it be easier to frind a way to transcend the pain and take away the power from the negativity and bullshit?  Wouldn't it be more pleasant to look at the "bright side?"

So why do we often complicate life and everyday issues with worrying and being anxious of what lies ahead, or of what’s going to happen?   I know I also do it at times and I see and hear it happening all around me.  What about you?  You know yourself well so how do you make it harder for yourself?

Instead of walking away from the simmering coals of emotional conflicts put them out by setting things right. Take responsibility for your actions, your words and your deeds and make amends. Apologize from the heart, make restitution if you were in the wrong with an act of kindness and silently bless everyone involved. In the place on anger and resentment you will feel a rush of peaceful accomplishment fill what was once a smouldering ash heap of emotional baggage. It will set you free and make room for good things to come your way.



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