Set Yourself Up For Success!

It’s the Start of a New Season…

      and Possibly a New Beginning,

 ...IF you are Open to Change. 

This applies to any area of your life.... SO what is it you want to see change?

Is it your weight? Your health? Your career? Your Love life?? ;)

I know you’ve heard this before, but it's a really good idea to write it down on paper....transferring your thoughts onto paper can help solidify your dreams and goals.

Goals help give us direction to move forward through life. Without goals we are at the mercy of whatever influences are around us. This is a passive choice as it means we are not taking charge and steering our life in the direction we truly want, and then we wonder why results aren’t showing, why measurements aren’t changing, and why our level of health is mediocre.


The next few months are going to pass anyway, so why not make them productive and memorable? Being laid back in this process doesn’t work, only your actions will dictate whether you move towards your destination or away from it. Without a clearly defined goal and a roadmap to get there, you can waste a lot of energy and still not achieve your desired result.


I encourage all of you to write down specific goals, both short term & long term and then have a plan that supports your goals and stick to it. Be determined to stick to it. Determination is the key.


They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so let this be day 1...

 A New Day, a New Beginning, a Fresh Start!

Get going without hesitation or delay and without any second thought and ‘just do it!’

Forget every little thing you did in the past that took you away from your goal and start with a new clean slate.

One of my favorite quotes...

“Start where you are, with what you have, Where You Are At.”

I always remind myself of this as where else can I start but where I currently am? This also means not comparing yourself to others, you can be inspired by other people to help you grow and stretch out of your comfort zone, but everyone is uniquely on their own path. So start now to move in direction of your goals from wherever you are. No question you will be in new place a month from now IF you start today.

Setting yourself up for success also means that you go into this prepared...

Having an overall bird’s eye view of what it is you want to change would be the very first step. For example, if my goal is to have more energy and vitality and feel great all the time that means I would need to look at all the areas of my life that aren’t supporting this feeling I want. And this can include diet and food choices, work and my environment, sleeping patterns, late night eating, unhealthy relationships, over-worrying, unnecessary busy-ness….etc.

Now, I can identify all the factors that are zapping my energy and I can replace them with the things that give me energy, vitality and restore my health. It is really about taking your power back and not being complacent or ‘ok’ with how things currently are, especially if your not happy about it, or, if for health reasons it’s detrimental that changes be made and be made now.

key2success Jack Canfield, famous for his “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  books and the famous movie “The Secret” states that “Vague goals produce vague results.”  Do you want vague results? No, I doubt it.… maybe this will help.

Big goals are manageable if we break them down into smaller steps using something called the SMART goal setting system, maybe you have heard of it. The word S.M.A.R.T is actually an acronym that stands for:

Specific: Do you know exactly what you want to accomplish with all the details?

If you want to lose 10 lbs, or drop a few inches in specific areas…then what is that end result number? Write that down. Be specific.

Measurable: Are you able to assess your progress?

Once a week is a good time to check and see that you have followed through and are in line with the plan. An example can include substituting late night snacking with a healthy whey protein shake or getting to the gym and doing 40 min cardio once a week…

Attainable: Is your goal within your reach given your current situation? A goal needs to stretch you slightly and it will need a real commitment from you.

Realistic: The goal needs to be realistic for you and where you are at the moment.  Losing 20 lbs in a week isn’t realistic unless you’re on the Biggest Loser ….and they exercise 4-6 hours a day! …. BUT 8-10 lbs in 6-8 weeks?  You can do it! 

Time-Sensitive: What is the deadline for completing your goal? A deadline creates a sense of urgency.

Remember, Your Actions will Reflect Your Results. If results aren’t there, then you need to take a look at your actions and reassess the situation.

I hope this helps you get set up for, what could be, a really great and successful season, not only in physical fitness & health, but in all areas of your life!


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