Seth Rogan Uses Humour To Speak Out For Alzheimer's

I never really had any idea that Seth Rogan was much of an activist. Besides a certain legalization of a certain thing that grows in the ground. Rogan proves me wrong and even owns his the social standing that  people associate with him, and uses it to engage congress about the lack of funding for the treatment or cure to Alzheimer's disease. The actor from movies such as Knocked Up, and This Is The End, speaks up for how Alzheimer's has effected the loved ones in his life.  Swatting generalizations that the disease just makes you forget about your car keys or if you locked the door, Rogan speaks about the ugly truth that it manifests itself into over time.
"After forgetting who she and her loved ones were, my mother-in-law, a teacher of 35 years, then forgot how to speak, feed herself, dress herself and go to the bathroom herself, all by the age of 60."
Rogan brings to light how the disease carries a "hush hush" stigma of embarrassment, the same kind that those afflicted with cancer used to face. The fact that we need public figures being leaders of hope for diseases is what helps bring much needed attention to them. The actor has banded together with other comedians to create Hilarity for Charity, an organization to raise money to help families struggling, and help develop cutting edge research. He states that the disease is one of the most costly ones treat and deal with in America. The organization has also started to get colleges involved, to educate, and to help them start their own campaigns. Bhb_L7UIIAA6wGw.jpg-large   Despite his efforts, Rogan tweeted that he mostly spoke to a row of empty chairs. This of course heightens where congress views this issue as a priority. Not very high. However people like Seth Rogan are here to make a difference and make this message heard. I know I was listening.  

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