Seven Day Gratitude Project…You Are Up!

By this point if you have facebook you have seen your newsfeeds spammed with people’s daily lists of what they are grateful for. Here is the premise:   For the next 7 days list 3 things, per day, that you are grateful for.   These social media trends are coming much more common and often times something people get annoyed or b!tch about …BUT WAIT…This isn’t a trash the project blogk, because quite honestly, I think that the gratitude project is actually an incredibly powerful one at that. One which we should all be doing. So while this probably goes against the rules (stick it to the man), I nominate YOU to do this project.   I have seen a mix of 5 day and 7 day challenges, but why not get your times worth and lets make it seven days! Chose to do so publicly (via Instagram, twitter, facebook, etc) and nominate others to stand back and look at and appreciate the great things in their life. Or at the least do so privately just for your and your own personal growth. Write in a journal or on a napkin, anything…or just look into the mirror and say it to yourself. Don’t half ass this – mean it and be proud of it.   To kick you off here is my Day 1 of the gratitude project   I am grateful for: 1. The incredible group of friends that I have, both the old – who have stuck with me through the last few hard years, and the new – those who took me under their wings when I knew no one in a brand new city. friend - blog 2. I am grateful for my dogs – they never tire of loving, giving kisses or making me feel better on a crappy day – even when the little one decides to tear apart my favorite pair of shoes (they are worth it)

pupps - blog

3. An incredibly supportive, hilarious, loving boyfriend who lets me be me, no questions asked - and who puts up with my moods, adventures, OCD tendencies flawlessly.

Mike and I - blog

      Your turn!

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