Seven of the Craziest Diets Celebrities Underwent to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Flipping through magazines, scouring social media, surfing the TV channels or walking down the street in Hollywood can have you stopping to stare at some fabulous figures. Because celebrities are constantly in the public eye, they are motivated to be in optimum shape. And if they have a project coming up that requires them to look even more chiseled than usual, they have to come up with some pretty tricky ways to achieve their goals in record time. And when months later you see image after image popping up of your favourite singer or actor blowing it out of the park in their bikini or board shorts, you wonder what in the world they did to look that good. Here are seven celebritys' secrets to sliming down in Hollywood. 1. Amanda Seyfried and The Raw Food Diet: Think vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, herbs, sprouts, raw fish ... and that’s it! “It’s intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds,” she confessed to Esquire in 2010. 2. Snooki and The Cookie Diet: This consists of using cookies with natural ingredients as meal replacements, making sure to take nutritional supplements along the way. Snooki told the Daily Mail in 2013 that this diet helped her to lose 42 pounds, eating about 1,300 calories a day of cookies. 3. Steve Jobs and The Fruitarian Diet: This diet literally just consists of fruit, but if you need to, you can add in seeds and nuts. This diet may help you to lose weight, but Columbia University’s Health Promotion Program conducted research that recommended this diet not to be a safe longterm lifestyle choice. 4. Nicole Kidman and The Hardboiled Egg Diet: This consists of eating three whole hardboiled eggs a day, one for each meal. Kidman tried this diet out when she was asked to slim down her already small frame for "Cold Mountain." 5. Lady Gaga and The Drunk Diet: Sounds fun to say, but this diet doesn't really offer up much except some exercise and whiskey. Gaga's former beau, Luc Carl, actually wrote a whole manual on how to carry out the diet. 6. Kirsten Dunst and The Alkaline Diet: This diet asks you to monitor the pH levels in your body according to what you eat. You need to try and aim to keep it in the sweet spot of 7.35 or 7.45 at the max. Avoiding mostly acidic foods like coffee, soda, pasta and some vegetables, this one's actually backed by doctors. 7. Megan Fox and The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: The gorgeous actress said that rather than diet, she preferred to cleanse out her system before putting anything in her body with a glass of ACV. What's the strangest celebrity diet you've heard of?   Source: Radio One

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