Have More Sex And See What Happens

We've all been told that more sex equals more happiness. Does it actually? A new study suggests that this belief isn't necessarily true. In fact, couples may need to become aware of the opposite effect.

There are several reasons as to why one might observe the positive relationship between sex and happiness. Carnegie Mellon University developed a study that examined the offhand connection between sexual frequency and happiness. The experiment began by recruiting 128 healthy couples between 35 and 65 years old and dividing them into two separate groups. The first group of couples weren't given any sexual direction. However, the second group of individuals  were assigned to have double the sex in a week. Both groups happiness were observed over a three month period through the use of a survey.

The daily questionnaire asked questions like how much and what kind of sex they were having, how much they were enjoying it,  and how happy they were. Shockingly, the couples who were having more sex experienced a noticeable decrease in their desire for sex and their overall happiness. Perhaps, maybe it's because they resented being instructed to have more sex, rather than just let it happen.

If you and your partner are lacking intimacy, maybe it's time you both talk about it. Whether, it's in between the sheets or over dinner.

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